Happy Birthday LJ

This is her birthday I have a 1 year old. I have a cancer survivor. I have a warrior. I have a beautiful little girl who has changed my life in so many ways.

Image from http://www.jimmydean.com/Products/Fresh-Sausage/Premium-Pork-Regular-Sausage.

Two days ago she had a major surgery. They removed the monster that has been giving her pain for 363 days. This monster was as big as a sausage roll. This sausage roll was stuffed down in her pelvic region pushing everything else out of the way. It made it hard for her to poop and pee. This sausage roll-monster is defeated! It’s out. It’s gone. It’s not inside of her anymore. It’s not a part of her anymore. It’s not in our lives anymore. It’s dead.

Recovery is rough on my little girl, but I’m not worried. She’s a fighter. She will get through this. God’s got us this far. He will pull her through the rest of this marathon.

Thanks Aunt Chrisy, Uncle Matt, Broc and Brylee!

Here’s the next steps:

  • Recovery: at least 5 days in the hospital; I expect a week – 10 days
  • Chemo #5: 2 weeks post surgery (at least that’s what we were told last week)
  • Chemo #6: 2 weeks after chemo #5 is over
  • Tests 3 months after
  • The rest of her life

Happy Birthday precious girl. You have strengthened my faith in God. You have challenged me to dig deeper and find a strength I never knew I have. I love you more than you can ever imagine.