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Surgery Present

I like to decorate my house. I have always wanted to work in my yard and plant flowers. I like to take my kids to the park. I like to spend time with my girls. I want to start working out or playing a sport again. I like to cook and bake. I like to dabble in photography and graphic design. I like to watch Cardinals baseball (in person mostly). I like to learn new things; I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. I want to get involved more in church. I am a member of a civic organization and a professional development organization. I would like to do more than say I am a member of them. I like to thrift store shop. I like to watch reality television. I like to nap. I like to take road trips. These are things I like to do. These are things I haven’t been able to do much of or any at all.

My life has been wrapped up in a ‘C’ word that still makes me cringe and cry.

With all of that said, I’m blessed.

Have you heard of a ‘push present’? It’s a present given to a mother before she gives birth. This ring is a surgery present I bought for myself.

Blessed Ring

We will get through this. Lucy Jo will do amazing things.


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