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It Was About A 3-Day-Weekend

It Was About A 3-Day-Weekend

I saw a lot of posts on Facebook this weekend about how Memorial Day was not about a 3-day-weekend, bbqs and parties. I somewhat disagree. Men and women put their lives on the line every day for our freedoms. My grandfather literally lost his arm so I could live my life without fear. What better way to honor his sacrifice than to LIVE my life and spend it with the people he loved… my family.

So, Marc and I took our kiddos to Pocahontas on Saturday night and visited extended family.


We spent Sunday playing Uno.


We ended the weekend on Monday with another family meal at my sister’s… bacon wrapped deer meat. Yes, you should be jealous. The entertainment was watching our kiddos play.


It’s literally the American dream.

My veteran grandfather would be proud and glad we spent our long weekend with our family, especially since Lucy felt better than she has her whole life. It was definitely one for the books.

Thank you to everyone who has served and who is serving. Because of your sacrifice, my 3-day-weekend was the best yet and I needed it more than you can imagine!

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