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UPDATE: Surgery and Sippy

I’m going to stick to the facts regarding her tumor and the upcoming surgery during this blog post. Let me remind you what her primary diagnosis was:

Diagnosis: She has a malignant Germ Cell Tumor (GCT) and a benign teratoma tumor (it’s 1 mass)

Chemotherapy/Surgery Plan:

- She will have 4 cycles of chemotherapy

- Each 21-day-cycle consists of one week where she will receive chemo therapy and medication followed by two recovery weeks.

- The first week will be in the hospital

- The following 2 weeks will be at home

- She will get a CT scan after the 4 cycles. If all goes according to plan, she will have the remaining tumor removed via surgery.

- After the surgery, she will have 2 more cycles of chemo

Well we had a CT scan during the 2nd cycle to check for an infection back in March. That’s when we got the great news that the tumor had shrank by 20% already. Yesterday, we had an MRI instead of a CT and this test showed that the tumor has not shrank much more.

With that said, they periodically check alpha-fetoprotein in her blood. This number has significantly decreased which is a sign that the cancer is shrinking. So one theory is that the cancer portion of the tumor is insignificant compared to the benign side.

So as you can see, it’s complicated!

Here are the next steps:

  • The BIG meeting between the oncocologist, surgrical and pediatric teams is next Wednesday. They will give us a game plan after they meeting.
  • Regardless, we will have surgery. When? I don’t know.
  • Will we have more chemo before the surgery?... Only if they O.R. cannot get us in during the next couple of weeks. If we cannot get scheduled quick enough, we will have another round of chemo, so the cancer left inside of her will not grow.

BOTTOM LINE: We will know a plan of action next Wednesday or Thursday.

On a lighter note, I got LJ her first sipping cup!


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