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She Will Never Forget

She Will Never Forget

I’ve been tossing blog post ideas in my head for 48 hours now. This blog post must be perfect. I can’t have grammar errors familyor typos. I must use the precise and deliberate writing techniques. I must make art with my words. This blog post cannot be mediocre. It’s the least I can do for everything that’s been given and/or done for me and my family. My brother-in-law and sister organized a benefit auction with the help of family and friends on Saturday night. There were tables and tables of items up for bid. The bleachers were filled with people.

I stayed home. I didn’t think I could emotionally handle seeing all of the support. So, I wrote this letter so people would understand my gratitude.

I know you probably know Lucy Jo’s story. The cards passed out gives you the technical details of her diagnosis and her journey to being cancer free. However, you probably do not know how this monster inside my baby girl has affected my family.

It’s opened our eyes to you – our community. The word community in the dictionary has 7 different definitions. To me, there is only 1.shirt

The definition of OUR community is love. Look around you. I can only imagine the pink and grey shirts.

Lucy Jo is an innocent little baby girl who didn’t deserve the cancer that is inside her, but God had a plan. His plan included opening my eyes to a community of love and compassion.

We moved back home 2 years ago and the people in this gym is a big reason why. LJ will grow up in a very special community and I can’t imagine it any other way. She will never remember the pain she has endured, but I will MAKE SURE she never forgets the love of her community.

We continue to use the phrase “God’s Got This.”

He keeps us strong so we can help Lucy fight this battle.

Our strength comes from God’s love.

His love is shown through you.

Your love is stronger than her cancer.

That letter doesn’t do my gratitude justice. So I showed up. Lucy Jo was having a good day. She’s doing really well and showed upeveryone at the auction deserved to see her beautiful innocent smile.

Saturday night was the climax of what’s been happening to me the last few months.

Lucy has had 4 cycles of chemo. She’s had a biopsy and CT scans. She’s had some infections. She’s had difficulties with medications and antibiotics. We’ve spent hours up late at night. We’ve cried out of exhaustion and pain. I’ve mourned the loss of an easy road. I’ve felt more pain and cried more than I have ever in my life combined.

Even facing a battle with a monster that I can’t fight for her, I’ve never felt closer to God. It’s not because I’ve needed him more now than I ever have before. It’s not because I’ve prayed for him to take her pain away and save her life. I feel closer to him because I’ve seen his love in my community and from friends and families all around. When the world seems to be at odds and goodness is not publicized, I see good. I feel it and I will publicize it.

There are more than 550 “Keep Calm and Pray for Lucy Jo” t-shirts out there. There are thousands of people praying for her. Our pockets have been filled with $ along the way. I haven’t had to cook for weeks because there are ladies filling my fridge with meals. I haven’t had to laundry because my Nanny spoils me. I didn’t pay my propane bill because someone did it for me.

There’s a story in the book of Mark that I immediately thought about after we came home from the benefit auction.smile 2

Mark 12:43-44 43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: 44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

The purity of the hearts of givers is a lesson that God is teaching me. I will forever be grateful to you for this lesson.

My perfection of this blog is lacking because I can’t find a grand way to end it. I want to make sure you understand how thankful I am. The only way I can end it is…

Thank you. I love you. God’s got this.

UPDATE: Surgery and Sippy