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Happy Mother's Day Mama

When I was 7 years old and wrote my first book, she told me how proud she was of me. When I played softball from 8-15 years old, she drove me all over Missouri and Arkansas to watch and cheer me on. When I was in high school and was figuring myself out, she encouraged me no matter what. When I went away to college, she helped me find a church. When I moved to Texas and had no money, she made curtains for me. When I got lost in Dallas, she Google-mapped for me. When I got married, she made my wedding cake. When I started having early contractions with Charlie, she talked me through it. When I gave birth to Lucy without an epidural, she held my hand. When we learned about Lucy’s ‘c’ word, she held my hand and Marc’s hand. She’s always been there. I know she will always be there.

I always say that teens say, “my mom thinks she knows everything.” Well, my mom actually DOES know everything. I respect and want her opinion.

My hope as a parent is that my children and I will have a strong relationship as me and my mom. My biggest fear is that we won’t.

My hope as a daughter is that my mom will always feel loved and appreciated. My biggest fear is that she doesn’t.

She has no idea how much I adore her.

She has no idea how beautiful she is inside and out.

I have a lot of dreams. I have always been a dreamer. “When I grow up, I want to…” is an endless list. The beginning and end bullet points are “be like my Mama.”

I love you Mama. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mama Susie


May 19th

May 19th