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This Just In...

This Just In...

This just in… Modern medicine is an amazing piece of work. Lucy takes 3-5 different types of meds (chemo) a day for 5 days to kill the monster. She also takes 5-10 other meds multiple times a day every day to battle the side effects and build her body back up. Amazing.

She’s not hurting. That’s the IMPORTANT news.

EXCITING news: her ANC level is at a normal level for her age! This level was one of the indications of the ‘c’ word. This means the chemo is working!

Here’s some other Lucy news:

  • She literally just stood up in her bed for 4 seconds without holding on to anything.
  • I can see all 4 of her top teeth. They haven’t broke through her gums yet, but I can see them.
  • She somehow turned on her ‘blood’ value and got blood all over her bed. (It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. But her Granny got crazy eyes and made the nurses come running fast!)
  • She’s officially attached to a specific blanket, but requires three to go to sleep.

In other news… If you thought I was laid back before, wait until after all of this is over. Nothing can really frazzle someone after their daughter has the ‘c’ word.

We got a carrier from Karina! Now we take daily strolls around the hospital. I'm thinking the strolls might end up being multiple times a day.

We ventured out to the rooftop garden to look at the pretty flowers. I"m pretty sure that Charlie would have been sneezing, coughing and rubbing his eyes the whole time. We loved it though!

Granny even enjoyed the fresh air... as fresh as downtown St. Louis air can be.

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