Anxiety and Anticipation

Cycle 3 has begun. Lucy Jo is hooked up and drugged up. I know, that sounds awful. Here is the update. Besides her chemo, she was in pain after sitting on her bottom in the truck for the 4-hour drive, so she got some pain medicine. Her blood pressure dropped slightly so they had to slow down the infusion. She also ran a 101.5 fever, so her blood was drawn and she was given Tylenol. It’s been quite an eventful afternoon. Mom and I are settled in the room. This is the 4th stay at the hospital, so it’s becoming routine. We choose who is going to sleep where. We put our makeup, toothbrushes, etc. on the shelves. We tuck our bags in the cubbies. We open up the snack bag and set out the computer. Pinterest is ventured. Facebook is updated. I obviously blogged.

The third cycle is almost like a routine with a touch of anxiety and anticipation.

These are pictures of a few pieces of the hospital room puzzle. This is the life… or at least ours right now.