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The Small Things


When your baby has the 'C' word you have to sweat the small things. The doctors mandate it. If a temperature spikes above 101, the emergency room becomes your hangout spot.

And that's what happened tonight... Thursday night. Tests were taken. For multiple reasons we had to wait an hour to get a catheter in her to get a urine sample. She slept. Marc and I are already walking zombies. Mix that with a warm room and rain pouring down outside. We took a snooze too.

Positions to sleep in this situations are compromisable. For one, we have to sleep in a way that we can ensure that LJ won't roll off the bed. Secondly, I have to decide which body part is going to fall asleep in the awkward position. As soon as I get, in what I think, the perfect position, my body remembers it's allergy season. Up I go covering my entire head so I won't wake her, coughing.

Now I slide back into position and take a snooze. Just as I get in a good sleep the nurse is in the room wanting to administer one thing or the other.

I wipe off my slobber and figure out if I have feeling in all my limbs. A few hours later, all tests come back clear, we get an antibiotic just in case and we are released.

Oh, the joy.

Another Day, Another Hospital