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Another Day, Another Hospital

So we landed back in St. Louis today with a high fever. Lucy Jo is sleeping soundly after rounds of antibiotics, Tylenol and some pain medicine. She has an infection. What kind? That’s something we do not know yet. We are running more tests and come to find out, we might not ever know where the infection is living. It might be viral. We will see. LJegg

These are the other things I know tonight...

  • I can handle not getting much sleep.
  • I can handle balancing work and family – sick or not.
  • I can handle driving 3.5-4 hours each week (one way).
  • I can handle the stress.
  • I can barely handle Lucy screaming out of pain. It tears my heart out. The monster is stealing her babyhood. I hate it.
  • I hate handling spending time away from Charlie. I miss him like crazy! I am constantly taking him somewhere else to someone else. He is growing and I’m missing it.
  • God is good and he will get us through.
  • This is just a tiny hiccup in the grand scheme of things.

Dear Charlie

The Small Things