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Ready to Go Home

150328_202319_COLLAGE-1 On the topic of LJ… we are two cycles down and we have two more to go before her surgery. It’s been a tough week and a good week. Lucy Jo learned to say “bye-bye-bye” while waving and we found out that the tumor has shrunk by 20 percent. She has smiled a lot and she’s been such a trooper.

On the flip side… her stomach has hurt worse this round. She’s vomited a couple of times. Her tummy has cramped several times. She’s a little more irritable when she’s had enough.

On a personal note… I’m tired. Hospital living is exhausting for anyone. It’s even more exhausting when you are taking care of a baby in the hospital. I wake up every movement like she’s a newborn. I’m on my feet all of the time to make sure she’s not pulling her IV. She can’t get down and crawl, so I am constantly moving her to an exersaucer to the crib to a wagon – all to keep her occupied. (When I say ‘I’… it’s me and my mom.) Lucy’s not a real good napper at home and she’s a worse napper in the hospital.

I hate complaining on my blog and I hate being a downer, but I’m really ready to be home. I hate this monster inside her. I hate that she is going through this. And to be honest… I hate that I’m going through this too.


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