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12 Things About Today

  1. Being a cancer mom is hard. Really hard.
  2. I have amazing friends with amazing family who are becoming amazing friends.
  3. Trader Joe’s is awesome.
  4. I still love Chili’s salsa.
  5. I didn’t know that Benadryl helps with tummy cramping/nausea, but it does.
  6. I just realized Easter is next Sunday.
  7. 1 day left of chemo for Cycle 2.
  8. Lucy is still a baby. She fights sleeps. She’s teething. She’s growing. She gets stir crazy. She’s still a baby.
  9. It’s still hard to say cancer and chemo.
  10. I still get teary about the support (financial, emotional and Godly) we have received.
  11. We have no schedule or routine.
  12. Every day is a roller coaster.
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