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I Have a Confession

I have a confession. I am an emotional eater – specifically when I’m stressed. This is why I will be a lifelong Weight Watchers member. I typically try to fight the urge to eat when I am feeling stressed. However, these days, I’m okay with it – especially when my friends and family indulge me with some seriously good food. There’s nothing that tastes better than some good chocolate!


LJ Update: We started the first day of chemo of this round yesterday. The day appeared to be going just fine. Then the sun went down. Like most common illnesses, the evening time is when everything falls apart. She had a rough night. She didn’t sleep well and she spiked a fever of 102.1. She hasn’t napped hardly at all today either.


As a result, the doctors decided to run another CT scan today to check and make sure there are no infections or surprises. The scan should be sometime later today, however we don’t have exact time yet.

I’ve learned that nothing goes as planned. That’s why the doctor’s never want to tell us anything “definite.” Please keep Lucy Jo in your prayers.

God’s got this.


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