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I Can't Lie

PicsArt_1427338474308 I want to say it was a good day. I want to say that she feels good and everything is great... but it's not. She's hurting and we don't know why yet. Her incision is infected still after a week of antibiotics. The doctors' will figure it out. I know they will... but that doesn't make today be labelled "good."

It was hard. She didn't sleep last night. She didn't sleep today. By around 4 p.m., this mama could not take her crying anymore. So I asked the doctor if her pain medication could be adjusted to give her some relief. The answer was, "yes." She went from oxicododone to morphine. Yep... that's definitely adjusted. She's more comfortable now for sure. However, I don't know why she's still hurting and neither does the docs.

Her pain level in addition to the appearance of the infection are the reasons for the CT scan. It should provide some answers. Her CT scan did not happen today. It's scheduled for 11 a.m. tomorrow morning.

That's the update. I want to be positive and I want to provide everyone a sigh a relief... but I can't lie.

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