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It's all your fault.

I typically don't have problems putting things, feelings, events, etc. into words. When I get the urge to write, I usually can let the words flow through cardsmy fingertips and onto the keyboard. However, this post is more difficult. How do I express my gratitude? I don't mean the everyday type of gratitude. This isn't even the surprise gratitude, like when someone pays for your meal in the drive through. It's more than winning an award. It's a type of gratitude that brings tears to my eyes. It's a type of gratitude that keeps me speechless.

We receive cards daily. That's AMAZING. Seriously, amazing. Marc and I look forward to checking the mail. The gifts we've received for her are cherished. The t-shirts that encourage prayer and support are... I can't even describe what I'm feeling. The food that is delivered allows me to be able to spend my time with my kids. The time with them is priceless. The list of gifts and favors go on and on.

People say that Marc and I are strong and they don't know how we are doing it. Well I will tell you how...

horseGod and our faith.books

Our family.

And you.

It's all your fault.


Update on LJ: 11 days before cycle #2.


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