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Here’s the Truth of the Matter

crawling 2 Being a Cancer Mom is not just about rocking my baby to sleep and kissing her puncture wounds. Marc and I have to dress her incision when she goes #2. I hold her hands and her body still, so Marc can do her infusion. Marc gets the oral medicine ready, so I can put it in her cheek and rub her neck so she will swallow.

In addition, we must keep our 2-year-old healthy, so Lucy Jo does not get sick during the two weeks we are home. Well that lasted all of 3 days. Charlie showed signs of a sinus infection this morning. The mucus that poured out of his nose was our ticket to the doctor’s office this afternoon. He’s on antibiotics now.

Keeping Charlie away from Lucy is the challenge for the next few days.

And here’s the truth of the matter…

Lucy is doing so good. She is in less pain than she ever has in her 272 days on the planet. She plays. She eats. She messes her diapers. She sleeps. However, now sleeping has become the problem. She slept A LOT today. My paranoia begins NOW. I’m afraid her red blood cell counts are low. So a call will be made in the morning to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


It's all your fault.

Normal. HA!