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What's Up With Charlie

Just a few minutes ago Charlie screamed, “Mommy Mommy MOMMY!” from his bedroom in the basement. I ran downstairs to find him half-asleep and half-crying. He was coughing and rubbing his eyes. After he pounded away cough medicine and I slathered on the Vics, he asked for water. Charlie.jpg

A month ago I would have been exhausted by these Mommy duties. Now, there is something quite blissful about making sure my 2-year-old comfortable asleep in his bed. Charlie has not left Marc or my sides in the last 24 hours.

Parenting is an ongoing lesson all to its own. I knew Charlie was going to be affected the day we took LJ to the hospital. I just had no idea how much. He burst into tears a couple times today when he thought one of us was leaving or he couldn’t find Lucy.

He grew while we were gone. He got smarter. He sang songs and I missed it. There were 12 nights where I didn’t get to tuck him in to bed. There were snow days that I didn’t get to hang out with him.

The monster inside of LJ is hurting Charlie.

Normal. HA!

Life’s Not Fair