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Biopsy Before Brushing Teeth

Balloons Our day started bright and early. I woke up with LJ squirming for 30 seconds followed by a team of nurses coming in her room to prepare her for the O.R. (operating room). We knew today was biopsy day, but I had no idea the procedure was going to occur before I could brush my teeth. Apparently the surgeon team does not care that I am not a morning person.

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Regardless, the team at St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been amazing. LJ has literally been in the express lane. We truly feel like VIPs.

The biopsy procure went as well as it possibly could. However, the results were not as pleasant.

We do NOT have the final results, NOR do we have the preliminary results. All we have right now is the surgeon’s educated guess. And here it is…

Lucy’s “mass” appears to be a teratoma. The surgeon’s opinion at this point is that there are benign parts and malignant parts of the mass.

Deep breath.

This is her view of the ARCH and STL from her room.

So now you are probably wondering what we do now. Well, we wait. We wait until early next week for the results and our marching orders. We wait to find out what our "new normal" feels like, as one of the nurses explained. We wait to find out what's it's like to parent a baby with the 'C' word. We wait on that...

For now, we are going to enjoy our time with our sweet baby girl. We are going to rejoice that there will be a way to “fix” this monster inside of her. We are going to push the pause button this weekend and kiss on her sweet cheeks. We are going to take pictures and cherish every minute.

Lucy Jo on biopsy day

For now, we keep praying.

Psalm 46:10: Be still, and know that I am God

You Can Smile... It's Allowed

LJ's Rollercoaster