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So it all started with an ear infection. Isn’t that how it usually goes. You go to Walmart with to buy milk and somehow you have $200 worth of groceries. Lucy had been fighting an ear infection for more than 3 weeks. Last Thursday we visited her pediatrician which put her on her third type of antibiotics. During the weekend her symptoms got worse and stranger. She was more irritable, she stopped eating as much and her tummy was bloated. She didn’t sleep at all Saturday night and never seemed comfortable.

I called her pediatrician first thing Monday morning and was seen at 1 p.m. (yesterday). 24 hours later we arrive at the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. So how did that happen? Here’s the sequence of events.

  • Monday 1 p.m. – pediatrician (Dr. Finke in West Plains is amazing!) saw the bloating in her tummy and requested an xray.
  • Monday afternoon – xray came back with a questionable area in her abdomen region
  • Monday afternoon – ultrasound was ordered which showed a “cyst”
  • Monday evening – we packed up our bags and headed to Mercy Hospital in Springfield where the same xrays and ultrasound was taken after she was admitted
  • Monday middle of the night – even though fluids were given to LJ by IV she had still not produced a wet diaper; she was crying, not comfortable and had not slept much
  • Monday middle of the night – a catheter was put in place to drain her bladder; her tummy softened and she immediately fell asleep
  • Tuesday approximately 6 a.m. – The pediatrician at Mercy informed us that because her issues will take urology into consideration, Lucy Jo will need to be sent to the Children’s Hospital in St. Louis (Mercy does not have a pediatric urologist)
  • Tuesday at approximately 1 p.m. – LJ arrives at Children’s Hospital

The team at Children’s Hospital moves fast. Tests have been administered including another ultrasound. The doctors have been positive that they are going to “fix” this problem, but first they need to get more information. Labs are being worked up and LJ will have an MRI tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.

Because her kidney functions are back to normal, pain management is an option. We are taking advantage of modern medicine! She is sleeping. Healthy people sleep, so LJ needs to sleep to get healthy… right?


Here are the next steps (that I know of).

  1. Labs come in tomorrow.
  2. MRI and results take place tomorrow.
  3. Plan for removing the “issue” tomorrow.
  4. I will let you know what’s happening tomorrow.

Everyone has been so supportive and we really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayer. A lot of people have asked if there is anything you can do. There is… pray!

My family has been through a lot during the last year. We have come out on top because of prayer and we will do it again.

Stay tuned.

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