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In my last post, I mentioned that I have hypothyroidism. During the past week, I’ve felt “somewhat” better. It might be because my thyroid is beginning to balance out. It might be because so many have approached me to inform me that they have hypothyroidism too and I don't feel alone. Either way, I’m feel slightly better. With that said, here are some extra things that I have learned.

  • Drink water. In general, it makes everyone feel better. For those of us with thyroid problems, it helps us control our hunger, hydrate our ridiculously dry skin and it really does help with energy.
  • Eat to fuel. Since I started on Weight Watchers a LONG time ago, I started thinking about food differently. It’s not just about taste. It’s about providing your body with fuel in order to energize yourself. For me, I’m already low on energy because of hypothyroidism. Eating the right foods to give me energy is even more important.
  • Move. Once again, this helps everyone but, when energy is low, exercise gives you an extra jolt.
  • Sleep. Get on a routine and be conscious of when you are tired because you need sleep and when you just have low energy due to your thyroid issues.

There are quite a few resources online. Synthroid (the medication I’m on) has a campaign out right now that is pretty cool too: Follow the Script.

With all of that said, the number one thing that has helped me manage my sanity with hypothyroidism…


We love watching the Lady Zizzers play basketball, especially Kasey, Charlie's budding!

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