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It's coming. The big Three-Oh.

I feel it. It’s coming. The big Three-Oh. I’ve never been good at growing up. I think like I’m 18 again with big dreams. However, I have a husband and two small children. I have a Master’s degree. I have a career. I have a mortgage. I have grown up stuff and a day-to-day adult life, but I’m still 14 in my mind. I’ve always been sentimental and I don’t like change… well not all change. I never minded moving, redecorating, letting go of “stuff” as long as traditions remained the same. We eat chocolate gravy on Christmas morning and we have spaghetti Sundays. It’s just that simple.

Now that I’m approaching my 30th birthday I look back at all the things that happened in my twenties.

  • Became an aunt (okay I was 19)
  • Took my first trip in an airplane to Miami, Florida (it’s a big deal!)
  • Graduated with my bachelors
  • Moved to Dallas, Texas for an internship
  • Met the love of my life and married him
  • Bought our first home
  • Had our first baby who was in the NICU for 2 months

This year alone…

  • Sold our first home and moved back to my hometown
  • Started working in higher education, a career path that I’ve secretly always wanted
  • Bought our second house
  • My father became deathly sick but came out in good health
  • Graduated with my Master’s degree
  • Became pregnant and by week 31, I was put on bed rest (this is a story for another post)
  • Had our second baby who was also in the NICU

Major milestones always comes with drama. My life continues to be slightly crazy. I have two children under 2 years old. My husband is taking classes to earn his bachelor’s degree. I am still unpacking. I am adjusting to living in a small town again. I love it, but I get frustrated too sometimes. I continue to believe that God only gives you as much drama as you can handle. I just hope he gives me a break in my 30s.

I’m tired. Now let’s chop my hair off. It’s what you do.


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