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Because you live in, have lived in or know West Plains…


  1. You immediately know why people go to Springfield: 1) to shop OR 2) visit someone in the hospital.
  2. You know what a Zizzer is.
  3. You don’t understand why surrounding communities believe West Plains is “too big.”
  4. You hear more people blame bad driving on “Arkansas drivers” more than “women drivers.”
  5. You are geographically midwestern with a southern culture.
  6. You believe a crumble burger will always be a maid-rite and Taco Hut should come back.
  7. You get annoyed every time Mountain Home gets a new store and West Plains does not.
  8. You didn’t understand why there wasn’t a high alert notice sent to your home when Sonic closed last Spring for renovations. Route 44s are as important to sanity as oxygen!
  9. You parooze West Plains Online Yard Sale on Facebook at least once a day.
  10. You understand that Walmart, Ramey’s, the Square, Fairgrounds, Glass Sword, Sale Barn and the Catholic church all mark different areas of town.

The Morning After

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