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Family Tradition

I studied journalism and public relations at Arkansas State University for my undergrad. One of the principles of public relations is knowing your audience. During this study, my professors pointed out how you can classify people by their two strengths in academics. Most people know this by left brain and right brain. Left brain people are strong in math and science. Right brain people are strong in English and art. Most people are predominately strong in one or the other with the understanding of the opposite.

For instance, I am definitely right brained, but I can still balance my personal budget (despite what my husband believes…HA!).

This theory sparked my obsessive analytical side of me. I began to look at my family and realized that right brain is genetic. Being creatively minded is a family tradition.

Music is part of my culture. My grandpa can play just about any instrument with a string. My uncles play instruments. Most Tackitts’ in the Caulfield area can sing. My mom and dad met when my mother was singing at the Caulfield Community Building for goodness sakes.

My sister is an engineer and I have a cousin studying that as well (there’s a piece of art in it).

I write.

My mom and sister are scrapbooking pros.

Don’t get me started on the amazing cooks in my family. Weight Watchers goes out the window on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also have an amateur photographer in the family. She’s been doing it for so long, I really wouldn’t call her amateur.

I went into labor with Charlie (my oldest) so fast I did not get any maternity photos. So, I made sure that I got my Aunt Ruthie to take photos of my second pregnancy as soon as I thought I went as far as I could go. These photos were taken at 35 weeks. My sweet Lucy Jo was born just 12 days later.


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