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Confession #2

First of all I want to say that I am VERY excited to welcome Lucy Jo into this world. I could not be happier to be able to be a mother to Charlie and our precious baby girl. I am VERY blessed. Secondly, during the first trimester with my first pregnancy I shared the trouble Marc and I had with conceiving. Because of my confession, many women contacted me to tell me they experienced similar issues.

With that said, I have another confession.

I do NOT love being pregnant. I know, I know. It’s an experience that is unmatchable. It’s a time in my life that I will remember forever. It’s God’s miracle. I have friends that say, “I’ve never felt more beautiful.” Others say, “I love knowing my little one is always with me.” And of course, “I love feeling the movements inside my belly.” I understand that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that I am able to be pregnant and have my babies, but I don’t love the process taking place in my body.

This post is not meant for a place to complain. I simply want to express my feelings, so other preggos out there will not feel guilty as I sometimes do.

Let me explain why I don’t love it.

  • I CAN’T BEND. – Marc and I bought a house in September and I found out I was pregnant in October. There are so many projects around the house to organize, redecorate, remodel or simply change. I can’t do any of it because all of it requires bending – not to mention paint fumes.
  • I CAN’T LIFT. – This is the hardest point. I can’t lift anything. This wasn’t a big deal with my first pregnancy, but now I have a toddler. I can’t fully take care of my 20-month old, because I can’t pick him up. Try changing a diaper. When he falls down, bumps his head or gets his feelings hurt, I can’t make him feel all better. That’s hard to deal with as a mother.
  • I CAN’T SLEEP. – I can’t get comfortable. Maybe it’s because I’m a little more progressed at 34 weeks than what is typical. Maybe it is because my husband spent 4 months in the basement doing homework so we haven’t slept together in awhile (oh, you know it takes some time to get used to). Maybe it’s because I’m constantly wondering if this is the night my water is going to break. Maybe it’s because my sleeping habits are off because of bed rest. Regardless, I’m tired.
  • I CAN’T REST. – My mind is always racing. I’m always worried about premature labor. I’m always worried about whether or not Lucy is healthy. I’m worried about arrangements for Charlie. I’m constantly checking in on work, making sure I don’t drop the ball on anything since I’m primarily working from home. My mind is always going. So, I can’t rest.

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Like I said, I don’t want to appear ungrateful. I have friends that have a difficult time conceiving and I pray for them constantly. I also have friends that have vented with me regarding premature labor. I also have friends that LOVE being pregnant. Bottom line, women are different. Some LOVE being pregnant. Some don’t.

However, I LOVE being a mom. I’m just over being pregnant. That’s all.

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