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The Facts of Life... and Lucy Jo

This is the series of events. Just the facts – the medical ones. Thursday night: I started getting back pains during MSU-West Plains’ Alumni and Friends Picnic at the Civic Center. I called my doctor and eventually ended up in labor and delivery. I got shots and medication to stop the back pains which I learned were contractions. After spending the night in hospital and receiving the first of two steroid shots, I went home the next morning.

Friday: With my doctor’s blessing, I headed to Little Rock with my parents and Charlie.

Saturday: I got the second steroid shot (thanks Hannah!). I went to my graduation in Conway with Marc, Charlie, my parents, my sister and her kids. Before graduation, I went to the restroom to put on my cap and gown. To my shock, the mucus plug came out (sorry if that’s TMI). I started getting contractions. It didn’t take long for the graduates to line up in the halls. We made our way to the auditorium. After walking across the stage to accept my diploma, I left (yes, before the graduation concluded). I met my family outside and we headed to Baptist Health Hospital in Little Rock to get these contractions stopped!

By the end of the day I was at 2.5 – 3 cm, 80% and -1. I received fluids, antibiotics, magnesium and more Procardia.

Sunday –Monday: Strict bed rest. We were asked to wait and see if I was going into labor, if I can go home or if I’m stuck.

Tuesday: The doctor finally gave me the final decision that I am stuck in Little Rock until Lucy Jo is born.

Wednesday: I accepted reality.

BRIGHT SIDE: I was able to visit with some friends I have not seen in almost a year! I get to catch up with a couple of my best friends. I sleep a lot. I have been spoiled with snacks, magazines, journals, pens, candy, Chapstick, lotion and so much more. To top it off, I have pretty nails (thanks Julie!) and I am catching up on reality TV!


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