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Confessions of a Tired Mom

  I recently posted this status update on Facebook, “I love my little boy with all of my being. I have thoroughly enjoyed my winter break (who knew working for a University you would get one of those). Now I am back at work. I have to admit, I feel like myself when I am working. Can any other mamas relate?”

This confession got responses from working moms AND stay-at-home ones too. What I learned is that we all love our children, are drained by our children and struggle to maintain our identities outside of “Mama.”

In the short/long 15 months that I have been blessed to be a mother, I have learned some tips and tricks from fellow moms.


  • Buy used clothes; they do not wear them very long anyway.
  • Vibrating bouncy seats help with colic.
  • Sleep while the baby sleeps.

I have also learned something else. Much like newlyweds, there are secrets that are not discussed due to… well… embarrassment. With that said, I am going to do my part to unlock Pandora’s box. Here are my secrets.


  • I did not breastfeed Charlie. My primary reason was that he was in NICU and lactose intolerant. There was no time for me to change my diet to fit his tummy issues. However, I was planning to stop breastfeeding anyway when I went back to work. I plan to try to breastfeed with the next little one; however, my reasoning is NOT because it is healthier for the baby. I plan to breastfeed because it is CHEAPER!
  • Charlie loves crackers, but he drops them out of his highchair. I let him eat off the floor. It is just easier.
  • Charlie plays with the plastics in the cabinet. I do not wash them after he plays with them.
  • I only read books to him twice a week.

Those are my confessions. Do not judge me.


BTW: It was 9 degrees outside this morning, but this photo is from October. I don't want you thinking I'm a HORRIBLE mom that didn't put a coat on this kid. :)

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