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Family, Emotions, Support

I’ve been away from my family for ten years due to college and building a career. I did not know if my path would lead me back home, but I thank God every day that it has. I've missed a lot of birthday parties, bbqs, family reunions, Sunday dinners, horse shows, sporting events and so much more with my family. I've also missed funerals and providing support for one another in time of need.

Last week was emotional for my LARGE Tackitt family. My Great Aunt Doris passed away.

Aunt Doris

A cousin was tragically killed in a four-wheeler accident.


Our family also welcomed a precious baby boy into the family. With that said, he and his parents need prayers for strength and courage as Baby Derek has a cleft palate.


Because I have been away from my family for so long I do not take anything for granted. I want to hug each one of my cousins as they grieve. I want to do anything I can for Baby Derek and his mama as they face this challenge.

I have a massive family… the Tackitts’ and the Williams’. They consume Caulfield. We basically run the town (whatever that means). I love them. This is why.

  1. They all believe that family is important.
  2. A hug is not optional. It’s mandatory.
  3. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since they’ve seen me, they still know me.
  4. Friends are family too.
  5. Last, but most important, God is #1.

We will get through this… as long as we all stick together.

(The pictures are from Facebook. Thanks for sharing.)

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