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Best Day Ever... Seriously

My hips hurt. I get a migraine every two weeks on average. Heartburn has become the norm. I’ve developed allergies and sinus problems. My nose is dry and has become raw. 
Despite my lack of pain tolerance, my mama stays true to form and gives me no pity. She says I need to be more positive and stop whining.
Easier said than done… except for today. Today was the best day ever… seriously. Marc and I had our 21 week ultrasound. The fact that my instincts were right and we are having a baby boy was not my favorite part. In fact, I cannot narrow down my favorite part to just one…it’s more like five.
- Baby Charlie is healthy.
- Although I still can’t feel him, we watched him wiggle and squirm. He kept sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. So cute.
- Marc did not stop smiling.
- We called our families and told them we are having a boy. They are all so excited (except for Brylee. She cried because she wanted a girl LOL – she’s three years old.)!
- I once again realized that I’m a mom.
Today was life-changing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Meet Charlie.

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