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Family and Friends…It Takes a Village

I don’t know what I would do without my family and friends. It takes a village to take care of me. No joke.
My mom should get one of those mugs that say “#1 Mom” for being the voice of reason when choosing flooring and a vendor to install it.
Chad should get a Medal of Honor for helping move furniture and putting up with Marc’s OCDness.

Aaron and Jamie should get some sort of crisis management certification for solving my crisis in the middle of a Melody Meltdown. Did I mention they also gave us a bed to put our head down while our bed was in the garage?
And Chuck, my father-in-law. Bless his heart. Without hesitation, he drove two hours to help out with the whole situation. He helped my husband out physically with preparing the floors. He is still babysitting the house while installation is occurring. After the floors are done he is staying to put the furniture back in place. But above all, he also helped both of us out mentally and emotionally. There is something about having two-like-minds working together versus two-opposite-minds. Opposites attract in relationships…NOT home improvements.
I can’t forget everyone I have vented to about this entire process. Don’t think your favor to society is overlooked. You will get your reward in heaven.
I am very VERY blessed to have friends and family that takes care of me. Someday I will return the favor… in some form or fashion. In the meantime, I hope you do not ignore my phone calls. I will try to keep the favors to a minimum…except for Chad. 
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