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Forget Planning

I took a philosophy class in college that warped my mind for an hour at a time. The professor introduced crazy ideas about fate and whether or not the world is real or are we just dreaming everything. He went into great detail to make me look at life from a different lens. Did I believe what he was saying? No. Did he believe what he was saying? Probably not. But it was the most fascinating class I took in college. I would do it again.
After that class I continued to think about fate. I still do. I wonder if God has a “plan” for all of us. I don’t mean a plan of salvation. I mean a plan of life. I wonder if the big milestones in my life are my own freewill or if they occurred because it was all in God’s plan.

  • I graduated from college in 2007. Most people where I am from get homesick and move back and sometimes quit. Why didn’t I?
  • I spent the following summer searching for a job. Did he know that I needed 3 more months with my family before I moved farther away?
  • I met Marc that summer. Why did my mom push me so hard to get a new cell phone before I moved to Texas? Did God put Marc behind the cell phone counter that day for a bigger reason?
  • I moved for an internship in Texas in August of 2007. Did God know that I needed to get an adventure out of my system?
  • I moved to Little Rock in Jan. of 2008. Did God know there would be a church family that would strengthen my faith in Little Rock?
  • I married Marc in Dec. of 2008 without being in the same zip code first. Did God know that it was better if we battled personality types after we got married than before?
  • I became pregnant in Feb. of 2012 after more than 2 years of trying. Is there a reason?

I can see reasons behind all of the major milestones that have occurred in the last five years. Marc and I have hopes and dreams for our future. I keep telling him to be patient and work hard and things will work out.
I don’t know if it’s true. But if God has a plan and I’ve followed it so far, I am going to stick with him. I’ve never been happier.


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