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My Eggo is Preggo

Yes, my eggo is preggo.
If you know me, you know I love kids. I always have and always will. That’s probably why I tried to stay one for as long as possible. What you may not know is that the journey to conceive has been a rocky one. Thankfully I am not sick and I do not have any severe health problems. But that was the problem… I am (for the most part) healthy. So why did it take more than 2 years to conceive?
The bottom line answer: Because God knew the right time in my life.
The scientific/medical answer: Because I have hypothyroidism. It’s not serious; however, it does require me to take a pill a day – every single day. This tiny pill enables my thyroid to work as it should and produce enough hormones to cause ovulation and sustain a pregnancy. Finding the right dosage resulted from trial and error.I am a lucky one. I am well aware and I thank God every day that hypothyroidism was the answer.
The experience I had trying to conceive opened the door to an exclusive club of women who have problems conceiving. Some of them know the medical reasons why and others spend every day wondering. Most of them spend tons of $ testing to find out. I have been poked with a needle so many times that I don’t think I have a fear of needles anymore. (Talk about facing your fears.) I was and still am amazed at the percentage of women who have gone through similar experiences as me. No one really talks about it and there is bit of a stigma.
Unless you have had this experience, you cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster you ride. Heartache. Fear. Anxiety. Anger. Disappointment. At one point or another, I even felt like a lemon – like Marc picked a dud to marry. The depression I felt sometimes was embarrassing and exhausting.
I needed a shoulder and some of the ones I leaned on at first were not in the exclusive club. They didn’t know what I needed and neither did I. After months of begging, my sister convinced me to tell my Mom. My Mom has had her turn on the rollercoaster. I finally got what I needed. Comfort. In only a way that a fellow club member knew I needed, but what a Mom knew she needed to do for me.
I still worry about losing the baby since it was so hard to conceive him or her. But like I said, I am a lucky one. I know women who have gone through and are going through much worse. The emotions I felt and still feel are just a drop in the bucket.
The most important advice I can give is to pray and talk to someone.

Excited Daddy