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Have you missed my meaningless posts? Have your days been empty and pointless without them? I know they have been and I apologize for abandoning you.
However I’ve been really busy – believe it or not.
Between organizing my first news conference at work, spending time with friends and trying to be a good active church member –  I’ve left no time to blog.
For tonight, I will leave you with this photo.

What you see is a festive spring flower arrangements.
What I see are two memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
I bought the flower pot at a big yard sale in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago with Maegan, one of my best friends. The daisies were leftover from a centerpiece at Ladies Day this weekend at my church, Somers Avenue Church of Christ.
Two memories that I’m glad I made. Two memories I thank God for blessing me with. Two memories I hope I will someday be able to replicate.  
This photo just reminds me how blessed I am.

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