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I had a conversation with a dear old friend of mine last weekend. Let’s call him Barry.
He’s a peculiar man, but genuinely kind to his core. He’s very well known to say the darned-est things. I’ve yet to have a conversation with him without a good belly laugh.
This week’s belly laugh began with a story about a toot. Yes I said it – someone released gas. That story began a string of things that he said he likes to smell the first whiff, while the average person things they stink. Not a large dose of a stinky smell, but just a light whiff. I’m digging through my memory bank and can remember the following things he, his wife or his daughter likes to smell:
·       Skunk
·       Toots
·       Cigarettes
·       Gasoline
Normal? No.
Funny? Yes.
Is he alone on his opinion? You tell me.


>I mean really?